Genetics 2040 Embryo Production

Providing genetically superior Israeli cattle embryos to improve dairy production worldwide

Israeli Milk and Holstein Cattle

The dairy herd’s milk production capabilities are affected by its genetic reservoir and environment. By changing one of those we can dramatically improve those capabilities by orders of magnitude.

Phenotypic = Genetic + Environment

The herd’s genetic value is responsible for XX% of the herd’s milk production capabilities. Genetics 2040 is able to provide the highest quality genetic variation.

Israeli scientists and cattle growers have spent years utilizing advanced genetic techniques and technologies to improve the dairy production capabilities of the “Holstein” cattle.

Israel  12,460 kg/year
New Zealand
USA  10,426 kg/year
The Netherlands
Denmark   ~10,000 kg/year

Genetics 2040 uses embryo creation and transfer techniques that allow the utilization of the genetically outstanding Israeli Holstein cows, as well as superior sires, for the creation of high-yield dairy herds worldwide

Genetics 2040’s Unique Abilities

Genetics 2040 provides a unique product and service based on advanced and proven state-of-the-art technologies for Israeli dairy cattle embryo production.

Genetic Superiority

Genetics 2040’s stock cattle genetic reservoir is based on the Holstein breed, a high yielding dairy breed that was adapted to varied climate conditions

Resources Flexibility

While artificial insemination requires matching the injected breed with that of the acquired semen, embryonic implantation allows using any breed as the surrogate; as the embryo carries the full genetic profile to the receiving herd, production of high quality livestock is possible even with poor quality breeds

Unlimited Supply

An unlimited supply of genetic material allows an unlimited quantity of embryos

Scope of Services

Genetics 2040 can provide the full scope of services; from frozen embryo delivery to full dairy cow sheds and herd management consultation


A multi-disciplinary dedicated professional staff led by the only cattle veterinary specialist in Israel who is also an accredited and experienced clinical human embryologist; the team has acquired extensive expertise in human reproductive and in vitro fertilization (IVF) systems – these are far advanced to veterinary alternatives, and perfectly applicable to building up dairy herds


Additionally, the embryonic implementation method inherently delivers the following additional benefits:

Sexing Optimization

Embryos can be sexed by identification of the male and female chromosomes – dramatically advantageous to the female dairy herds compared to other fertilization techniques

Disease Control

Diseases present in the dam will not be transmitted by the embryo. Furthermore, the surrogate transfers her immune system to the offspring via the placenta

Long-Term Storage

Frozen embryos are easily exported and placed for long term storage without any loss in quality or viability

Time and Planning

Frozen embryos allow free choice of time and location of implantation fitting the needs of the recipient cattle grower

Our Services

Genetics 2040 and its affiliates offer a full spectrum of services that is tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each client from a single service of providing the frozen embryos to a fully functional dairy herd operation.

  • Need analysis and project planning
  • Frozen embryos with pre-defined genetic attributes
  • Transport and delivery of frozen embryos to local center or to final location
  • Preparation of recipient cows and transfer of embryos
  • Professional training of local staff for embryo transfer and process management
  • General professional project supervision and quality control
  • Cow herd planning and supply
  • Cow shed planning and supply
  • Technology and systems for cow shed management
  • Central dairy planning and assembly quality control

Genetics 2040 Embryo Production

Potential business partnerships and deal structures

Fee for Service

Each service (i.e. per Embryo, per transfer, shipment and delivery, planning etc.) can be priced separately. Fees will be calculated based on volume, location and scope of project

Turnkey Solution

An inclusive price for a project with partial or full scope of services. Payments will be made according to milestones and delivery schedules

Joint Venture

Genetics 2040 will be willing to consider joint venture projects

Dr. Roee Sela


Veterinarian & Clinical Embryologist

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